New Age Portugal

This page belongs to Rui Serodio, portuguese pianist and New Age composer.    He grew up surrounded by a practical world of music and is intensely tied to the past in many ways.   Always he was known for his improvisational ability in a more intimate atmosphere or inspired in poetry and painting.   That’s why his music is often enigmatic and personal and his compositions are often the result of these two arts combined, words and colours.    In addition to its overall expression he explores both resonance and silence as well as the expressive range of the piano, either under the form of pure music or descriptive musical scenes of open spaces.

His music is typical for the time, full of melody and with direct appeal to his audience, sometimes in just a few lines of music with his concern for sound and its abstract meaning.    All his pieces are improvised, even those where piano appears integrated in a orchestral environment.  Listening to any piece of this portuguese composer means a journey through a unique moment of inspiration that will never come back.   Improvising is the art of ephemeral.

His pieces explore the full range of the instrument in a kind of musical poetry.   In his mixing of poetical and musical ideals, he could be a true Romantic, although his preferences go to the french impressionists of the last quarter of the XIX century.    Both his performances and his recorded music reflect this tendency.

The clarity of the rich melodic and harmonic language and the lyrical tendencies of his style found a new and intriguing expression somehow distant from the academic concepts of form.    He calls himself a musician of his time making music for people of his time.  He wants exclusively to touch people’s hearts and emotions, making music listening a supreme form of true happiness and interior improvement.

His music is made up of mild colors and finer shadings of poetry, trying to catch the spirituality of a sunset, embodying the intelligible essence and intensity of the best inner human feelings. 

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Also, Rui Serodio is one of the few players interpretating Fado at Grand Piano.   Although this sonority is totally different from the original instrumentation - two guitars and a singer - Rui tries to maintain the true portuguese spirit of this enchanting traditional and urban folklore.    You can find his interpretations on the link below.

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